Joe You

Joe You

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Joe You

Joe began woodcarving in 1991 after attending the fall show of the Capital Woodcarvers Association (CWA) in Sacramento, CA. He bought a book, knife, a strop and some basswood and carved by himself for 3 years. He joined the CWA in 1994 and his woodcarving improved. Much of his improvement is due to the numerous caricature carving classes he took from such instructors as Dave Dunham, Marv Kaisersatt, Bob Travis, Dave Stetson, Harold Enelow, Pete LaClair, Gary Batte, Pete Ortel, Jack Price and Joe Wannamaker.

Joe loves caricature carving not only because he has always enjoyed a good laugh and working with wood, but because it allows him to express his creativity in facial and body expressions. There are no limits to the amount of creativity in caricature.

Joe has always enjoyed art and has taken many classes including: art classes at UC Davis, portrait drawing, Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, stained glass, cartooning, and pottery. Joe encourages the little one to appreciate and participate in art by being an Art Links volunteer at his children’s school for over 10 years.

Joe has been married since 1977 to his wife, Chris. They have 3 adult children: Kelly, Jarod, and Travis. When Joe is not woodcarving, he can be found carving teeth as a dentist in his general practice in Elk Grove, CA.

Joe’s woodcarvings now begin as an idea, then a sketch. From a sketch Joe will work up a clay model with a wire armature. A pattern, is made from the clay model and then band-sawed out.  From there the carving begins.

Many of his pieces are carved out of one piece of wood.

He has developed a simple wire armature that can be made quickly and cheaply for human clay figures.

If you would like a pattern and some instructions, let him know and he will send you a copy. Please include “woodcarving” in the subject line if you email him.

Joe is not available to teach woodcarving seminars. He does judge exhibits and shows. His carvings are not available for sale.

Joe You
6373 Faustino Way
Sacramento, CA 95831
(916) 392-8247