Bruce Henn

Bruce Henn

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Bruce Henn

Bruce has been woodcarving since 1970.  Carving has been his passion from the first time he picked up a knife, put it to wood and out came a bear. Or was it a rabbit?  When he first began carving, he tried many styles and types of carving, but quickly developed a love of carving caricatures, both animal and human.   He enjoys the humor, especially the public’s reaction to his style of carving, while still appreciating the artistry in all styles of woodcarving.  He enthusiastically promotes caricature carving to anyone and everyone who will listen.

He is a member and past president of the Woodcarvers Guild in Dayton, Ohio and the Bruckner Society of Nature Carvers of Troy, Ohio.  He is also a member of the National Woodcarvers Association Cincinnati, Ohio, E.W.C.C. of Converse, Indiana, and the Affiliated Woodcarvers, LTD., Davenport, Iowa.

Bruce began teaching wood carving in l981.  He has taught both beginning and advanced techniques at seminars throughout the Midwest. He promotes and demonstrates carving at every opportunity, including woodcarving meetings and shows, civic organizations, Boy Scouts, and he especially enjoys assisting other woodcarvers.  He has been a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor for a number of years and even demonstrated his techniques for a local elementary school.  Bruce has also helped with the Youth Classes at the Affiliated Woodcarvers Congress (AWC).  He enjoys taking classes himself whenever possible.

Having won numerous woodcarving how awards, including a first place at the International Woodcarvers Congress in Davenport, Iowa, he has judged various shows since 1995.  In 1997 Bruce received the CCA merit ribbon at the EWCC show in Converse, Indiana.  In 1998 he received the prestigious Ron Ryan award at the Artistry in Wood Show held in Dayton, Ohio.  This award is voted upon once a year by an anonymous group of peers and is presented to an individual “who exemplifies the ideals of giving of oneself, expressing goodwill and exerting the extra effort needed to promote woodcarving throughout the carving world”.

Bruce has appeared in many local newspaper articles, radio and TV interviews over the years.  He has appeared on the TV program American Woodshop, a PBS program featuring Scott Phillips as the host.  The Dayton Carvers Guild featured him at the début of their website.  Bruce was honored to be voted into the Caricature Carvers of America in 2006.

Bruce currently sells his work, judges shows, and teaches seminars.

Bruce Henn
1150 West Kerr Rd.
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 667-8590